Three reasons to install an external elevator in the house

A home is our comfort zone. A place to unwind and relax, to be free. it is really important to style a house as per your needs and your style. You can only be comfortable in a place that appeals to you, not those who visit you.Comfort signifies different things to different people. For someone a comfort may lie in lounging on a well cushioned lounge, for others this may reflect mess.

Ever thought of the comfort you can achieve by installing an elevator in the home. Elevators are not difficult to install. it depends on the kind you opt for. Small elevators that can carry upto 6 people are a good comfort for movement within the house. The EasyGlide home elevator by Grant Home Elevators is a cost-effective residential elevator solution. It has reduced shaft dimensions, minimal pit-depth and modest headroom, saving space and minimising construction and installation costs.

It has full height infrared beam entrance protection and an automatic Pipe Rupture Shutoff Valve to bring the lift to an immediate, gentle stop if there is a drop in hydraulic pressure, or if the lift over-accelerates in a downward direction. The EasyGlide comes standard with a panoramic glass landing door and features automatic return-to-floor under power failure conditions. Its motor and controller are housed in a small cabinet attached to the lift shaft.

Besides comfort and elevator also provides peace of mind and improve the lifestyle for those with physical disabilities. If you have an elderly person living with you or even someone on a wheelchair, the elevator provides easy access to them.

Convenience of taking the elevator instead of stairs is an important factor to consider in favour of installing an elevator. Transporting luggage or moving awkward household items is so much easier with an elevator.

Space constraint? Well the pneumatic elevator can be installed without any need to build a shaft or an additional room for the elevator machinery. For a new construction you can opt for the hydraulic elevators as they take up quite a bit of room, but for additions to an existing house the pneumatic elevator is the best bet. The pump box that runs the elevator is only 11 to 13 inches so a separate area is not required for the machinery.