Landscaping styles for a garden

Gardens bring us closer to nature. A beautiful planned and well laid out garden is a treat to the eyes. Nature calms the senses, heals the mind and spirit and creates a feeling of balance within the body. To be surrounded by greener is a great feeling.

Gardens are not limited to huge areas. Container gardening requires patience and care and the results are astounding. If you are renovating a home or even making additions, don’t forget the garden. Nexus Home Improvements uses modern building techniques that allow renovations to finish quickly without compromising on your lifestyle and other areas of the house. As far as the garden is concerned, here are a few tips that can change an ordinary garden to a place of serenity:

Start with the most basic. Add flowers in pots. Once the flowers are blooming, the pots can be rearranged wherever you like. Flowers add splashes of color and add cheer to the sitting area. Here the choice of flowers is important. Try keeping one color in a couple of pots so that when you place the pots together, the impact is more. Understand the height the plant is going to go and accordingly plant the flowers. This is especially important if you plan to sow the seedlings in flower beds. To add to the beauty you can mix pots – ceramic, mud and clay to give a different look. Be innovative with the pots and recycle some stuff from the house. Chipped mugs, bowls etc can be used as small containers. Succulents and small plants do well in these containers.

Vary the type of plants. Try adding a container that can houses water plants. Lotuses and water lilies look beautiful in deep containers. Creepers look great in hanging baskets and allow you to use up overhead space.

Add garden decor by creating pieces of art through arrangement of flower pots. This helps store the pots creatively and adds a touch of glamour to the area.

So go ahead and plan a garden where you can feel as one with nature.